Against Gravity training log (2020)

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Re: Against Gravity training log (2020)

Post by Against Gravity » Sat Jun 20, 2020 3:37 pm

Last update:

For the past few weeks, I've been extremely busy and my nutrition, sleep and training volume was lower/worse than usual. As a result, I've undertrained and got slightly weaker (& smaller) overall. Not a serious thing though: I'm now BW=76kg (without clothes&fasted in the morning), and current stats for the main exercises are:

Weighted chin-up: 40kg 5X5
OHP: 50kg 5X9
BOR: 50kg 5X20 / 60kg 5X15 / 70kg 5X10
Weighted Ring Dips: 45kg 5X7
BB squats: 90kg 5X10 / Weighted pistol squats: 20kg 5X8

I'm going to start training hard again, with a 4X frequency for upper body and 2X frequency for lower body, for a total volume of 20 hard sets per week and muscle group (which is the average maximum recoverable volume based on what I've read, and also based on personal experience)

I've decided to give up the 5X training frequency. It might be okay if training away from failure (RIR=2+) or close to failure (RIR=0) for a few weeks, but after 2-3 weeks the overall fatigue starts to accumulate, and both motivation to train & performance suffers. A 4X frequency is far more sustainable when training close to failure in the long term

So it'll take a few months before I can recover my strongest shape for all the 5 main exercises & meet new PRs. Not sure if I'll continue to update this though - sadly, the forum isn't active anymore.

I've to say it has been a good experience anyway. Thanks all of you for reading so far & following a part of my journey!