Profile Flair Legend


Foundations 1

Like a badass, I annihilated Foundations 1 and got this embarrassingly small badge to show for it.

Foundations 2

I shattered Foundations 2 thinking the badge would get bigger. It didn't.

Foundations 3

I feel my power growing and I want to pick fights with random people. So I kicked Foundations 3 in the face instead.

Foundations 4

Foundations 4 felt like throwing a toddler across a room. Easy shit.

Foundations 5

This is what abusing power feels like. I didn't even read Foundation 5 its Miranda rights. BRUTALITY!

Foundations 6

I stabbed Foundations 6 right in the back just to rob it from its badge. At this point it's an addiction.

Foundations 7

When I faced Foundations 7, I had to repeatedly bash it in the head with the six previous bricks I earned.

Foundations 8

I kicked the final boss right in the nuts and sent it back crying to its mum. She disowned him and he committed suicide. I don't give a shit because I got the Foundations to rule them all!